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Plan for force-hint for KDE/JACK

Andreas Barth wrote:
>On the other hand, we try to get some parts of Qt/KDE/jack in tonight.
>Well, such runs usually take more than one try, but the situation will
>probably look much better soon enough.

I doubt that this is possible *tonight* without making much more breakage
than you actually want to make, due to the stuff clogged behind libpng (bad
libpng!  Bad!)  But below I have some hints which should get KDE/JACK in
with fairly little breakage once the libpng and openssl clogs are cleared,
and once kdelibs and kdebase build (hopefully within the week).

There are also some immediate hints at the bottom of the message.

So this is the proposed KDE/JACK hint.  It will have to be a force-hint.

This should replace the previous KDE/JACK/unixodbc/icu/libmusicbrainz
/python-qt3 hints succesfully.  It won't really be ready to go until the
issues tying it into libpng and openssl are resolved though.

(You'll have to remove the line-wrapping.)

# Lots of old FTBFS, ties JACK to libsigc++, gtkmm
remove ardour/0.9beta29-1
# Ties qt-x11-free into opensp and gnucash
remove libaqbanking/1.5.99+1.6.0beta-1

# Aargh, new upload, and produces a udeb
urgent wireless-tools/27+28pre10-1
unblock wireless-tools/27+28pre10-1

# new upload
urgent wv2/0.2.2-3

# These are just to get output
force qt-x11-free/3:3.3.5-1
force kdelibs/4:3.4.2-4
force kdebase/4:3.4.2-3
force gnuradio-core/2.5-5
force openscenegraph/0.9.9-7
force kxdocker/0.12-1
force amarok/1.3.3-1
force liboil/0.3.3-1
# The KDE/JACK/unixodbc/icu/libmusicbrainz/python-qt3 hint

# need force-hint to force partial breakage in new kdesdk and old php4
force-hint qt-x11-free/3:3.3.5-1 jack-audio-connection-kit/0.100.0-4
arts/1.4.2-4 openexr/1.2.2-4 kdelibs/4:3.4.2-4 unixodbc/2.2.11-9
freetds/0.63-2 flac/1.1.2-3 id3lib3.8.3/3.8.3-4.2 icu/3.4-2 taglib/1.4-1
libmusicbrainz-2.1/2.1.1-4 dbus/0.23.4-7 xerces26/2.6.0-5 kdepim/4:3.4.2-2
geos/2.1.3-2 gdal/1.2.6-1.2 libkipi/0.1.2-1 libxbase/2.0.0-7.1
libtunepimp/0.3.0-9 libmodplug/1:0.7.5 kdebase/4:3.4.2-3 cppunit/1.10.2-4
kdemultimedia/4:3.4.2-2 gnuradio-core/2.5-5 xerces25/2.5.0-6
xbsql/0.11-4.1 sip4-qt3/4.3-1 qscintilla/1.6-2 ksimus/0.3.6-2-7
coin2/2.4.3-3 python-qt3/3.15-3 wv2/0.2.2-3
wireless-tools/27+28pre10-1 libaqbanking/1.5.99+1.6.0beta-1 
kdesdk/4:3.4.2-2.1 qca/1.0-8 openscenegraph/0.9.9-7
openal/0.2005080600-2.1 licq/1.3.0-4 libpqxx/2.5.5-1
libdc0/0.3.7-3 kxdocker/0.12-1 kdegames/4:3.4.2-1 clalsadrv/1.0.1-3
dynamite/0.1-4 orange/0.3-2 unshield/0.5-3 libsidplay/1.36.59-4
sidplay-libs/2.1.1-3 liboil/0.3.3-1

# If you want to simplify things, gst-plugins0.8 and xsidplay drag
# in libsidplay, sidplay-libs, and liboil.
# synce-kde drags in dynamite, orange, and unshield.
# ams drags in clalsadrv


# I also believe I've found some more hint combos which should work today:

easy enchant/1.1.6-1.1 myspell/1:3.0+pre3.1-16 abiword/2.4.1-1
aiksaurus/1.2.1+dev-0.12-1 libwpd/0.8.3-1 writerperfect/0.7.0-4

easy maxdb-7.5.00/ libdbd-maxdb-perl/

# xdrawchem depends on qt-x11-free, will go back in with it
remove xdrawchem/1.9.4-3
easy ghemical/1.90-2 libghemical/1.90-1 mpqc/2.2.3-2 openbabel/1.100.2-3
# Alternately, all of the above could be thrown into the KDE hint too

# epiphany hasn't undergone the C++ transition
remove epiphany/0.5.1-1
easy clanlib/0.6.5-1-3 clanbomber/1.05cdbs-2 pingus/0.6.0-8.2 trophy/1.1.3-3

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