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PowerDNS upload to Sarge


we - the PowerDNS maintainers - are still having an open issue
(#322352) with the "pdns" package. The bug was caused by remains of
the upstream's debian/ directory that wasn't cleaned properly when
having the package built by the buildds. We have fixed that already.

Joey asked us to upload 2.9.16-13sarge2 to stable-proposed-updates. But our
upload was refused. We didn't have a version in testing with a higher version

Martin Schulze told us:
| You need to upload a version that is higher than the one in proposed-updates,
| and is lower than the one in testing, which is... err... a bit difficult in
| this case.  Looks like pdns is blocked by one of the ongoing transitions.

There is now a higher revision number in testing and there is no transition
obstacle any more. So should we increase the revision to 2.9.17-13sarge3
and re-upload?

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