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Re: force jack-audio-connection-kit into testing ?

|--==> Junichi Uekawa writes:

  JU> Hi,
  >>I just tried to figure out why the jack-audio-connection-kit can't go
  >>into testing, and after some investigation I came to the conclusion
  >>that it might never go in without help. [1]
  >>Is there someone who shares this opinion or am I missing something ?
  >>For my part, I would be happier if all my packages depending on jackd get 
  >>thrown out of testing in order to reenter later. With all the changes that
  >>go on everywhere it is almost impossible to keep all the packages that
  >>have to go with jack reasonably bugfree for a long enough time.

  JU> I think jack was one of those packages that always needed a manual 
  JU> kick; and we really need a freeze to get testing up to shape.

  JU> I agree that at this stage it might be good enough just to kick a few 
  JU> packages out of testing to let it propagate.

As far as I understand jack-audio-connection-kit is blocked by libarts
which is in turned blocked by qt-x11-free, which FTBFS on hppa:


would   fixing the compilation make the   whole  thing move cleanly to
testing? Or am I missing more complex issues?



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