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Resignation as Debian Release Manager


I hereby tender my resignation as Debian Release Manager.

Steve Langasek and I have been working together as RMs since August
2004, following Anthony Towns' resignation. I was very happy and
honoured to be in one of the hot-seats at the release of Debian 3.1,
after a huge effort from pretty much everyone concerned. All told, I'm
pleased with the work I put in there.

Nevertheless, towards the end of this period it became clear that a
combination of my work commitments, the preparations for my wedding in
August, moving house, and acquiring a new stepson were leaving me less
and less time for release management work, and furthermore that each
time I tried to get back on top of things I was spending too much time
getting up to speed and not enough time doing useful work. Over the
summer, I took a vacation to (a) get married, have a honeymoon, and so
on :-), and (b) see what happened to my Debian work when I wasn't doing
release management. During that vacation I found that I got a number of
interesting things done and was enjoying myself much more in the

Steve has been most forbearing of my time off, but it's not fair on him
to leave him holding the reins by himself without deciding what I'm
going to do, and after some thought I've decided that I'd rather leave
other people in charge of making the decisions. I'm still interested in
retaining membership of the release team as more of an engineer than a
manager, and I think I have plenty of experience to bring to that. Aside
from that, with any luck I can get back to hacking in a more guilt-free
manner now. :-)

The release team is, I think, collectively agreed that we need more than
one release manager. Steve and I have discussed this and there's a
qualified and willing replacement, which is all good; but I'll leave
that to him to announce in time!


Colin Watson                                       [cjwatson@debian.org]

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