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Re: [Debian GNUstep maintainers] GNUstep and FHS

* Eric Heintzmann <eric@gnustep.fr.st> writes:

> Since there is no other maintainer to try to make these packages FHS
> compliant, should GNUstep be removed from Debian ?

Speaking on behalf of the tiny Bulgarian GNUstep community I would
like to ask you (and RMs as well) not to remove GNUstep from Debian --
this would be a substantial loss for all interested users and
contributors.  Since GNUstep is broken due to #314385 for more than a
month I have stalled all my pending tasks and cannot even imagine what
will hapen if it is removed from Debian.  Compiling from CVS is not an
option and installing the Debian packages is the most convenient and
pleasant way for almost everybody, at least everybody I've been able
to speak with.  If FHS compliancy is compulsory, then probably there
are two options:

 * Ask the RMs/QA for an exception due to GNUstep's nature
 * Ask the upstream developers (who are currently busy with improving
GNUstep on proprietary platforms) to change the filesystem layout --
since it is vital for GNUstep to run solidly and reliably on a GNU
system, such as Debian

(I am CC-ing Anton Zinoviev, who was planning to make some hacks on
the filesystem regarding localisation)

Yavor Doganov
Free Software Association - Bulgaria 
GNUstep Bulgarian Translation Project

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