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Re: taking over ICU, library/C++ transition issues


Matthias Klose wrote:
> openoffice.org2 ships icu in it's sources and uses them at build

OOo1, too. icu 2.2.

> time. Maybe it's worth to use the system provided icu. OOo2 may be
> picky about versions, so please check with Rene, if it's possible to
> use the system version, and which version OOo2 requires.

Yes. It uses 2.6.

Unfortunately it is heavy patched so the possibility of using system-icu is
not that near.
OOo Upstream hoever wants to resolve that and get the patches upstream and
update icu then probably - so for some later version (2.0.1?) there will a
possibility to use system-icu. Not for 2.0, though :/ (Too bad, icu is



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