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Re: Release team for etch?

On Thu, Jun 09, 2005 at 07:18:34AM +0200, Christian Perrier wrote:
> For this not to happen, we might need to have an already established
> release team for etch. Maybe the people currently involved in the
> release team as RM and assistant RM just want to continue the hard
> work. Maybe some of you people just want to get a break....
> Anyway, I think that we would all benefit in knowing as soon as
> possible about the etch release team and have it setup and already
> working, for instance on trying to sort out the issues which blocked
> us for a while....or already try to setup some release schedule (June
> 6th 2006!).
> So, maybe already a few words from the already involved people?

I've certainly found that my available time has been woefully lacking in
the past few months; I'm immensely grateful that the others have been
able to take up the slack, but I don't want to remain a bottleneck
forever. Also, my upcoming wedding in August means that I'm not likely
to have a great deal of free time over the next few months, which will
be an important period for making sure that etch starts out going in the
right direction. On top of that, my packages (especially man-db, groff,
and openssh) and the bug tracking system have been somewhat neglected
recently and I'd like to take time to work on them.

I joined the release team in 2003 because it seemed a valuable thing to
do and at the time it was short on manpower. It still seems
unquestionably a valuable thing to do, although the manpower issues are
arguably less pressing now. Plus, as you say, continuity is valuable.

So, I don't want to quit the release team right away or anything, but I
would like to take a bit of a vacation from it. I'll still be around and
available if needed (except when I'm actually getting married or on our
honeymoon :-)), but I don't plan to be proactive for a while. This will
give me some room to breathe and to work on my other responsibilities.

Unrelatedly, I won't be able to make the release team meeting this
evening (IIRC?) due to prior plans. Sorry about the short notice ...
Since it may well be on the agenda, I still plan to get version tracking
deployed in the bug tracking system RSN.

> And maybe some candidatures for potential new manpower in the release
> team?

One thing I will try to stay available for is bringing new folks up to
speed. I concur with Steve that expanding the release team somewhat is a
good idea.


Colin Watson                                       [cjwatson@debian.org]

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