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Re: Release team for etch?

On 2005-06-11 Thomas Bushnell BSG <tb@becket.net> wrote:
> By the end of September, have the GCC changes in place and other
> infrastructural changes that we know we expect.  Have filed bug
> reports on whatever new RC issues will need to be fixed for etch.
> (Such as the GCC change, and whatever else.)

> By the end of the year, freeze base.

> By March 2006, freeze everything else.

> Release in June 2006.

> Doesn't seem *impossible*, but it requires swinging into gear right
> now.  What am I missing?


Imho you are being too optimistic. Afair switching from gcc-2.95 and
getting gcc-3.x in a /releasable/ state took more than half a year.
And during times where there are problems with the toolchain
everything else suffers. (Stuff like KDE being out of date in sarge for
a long time because at the *infrequent* times it would have been ready
itself it triggered a new bug in the toolchain on $arch.)

We could aim for one year and end up with 1.5, and I'd be fine with
that, though. ;-)
               cu andreas
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