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Re: Release team for etch?

> Because I value what little of my sanity remains, and am guarding it
> jealously.  A 12-month release cycle for etch would mean that someone else
> would need to take point on it; the rate at which the release team's
> involvement would have to ramp up again for a 12-month cycle wouldn't leave
> me enough time to breathe.

Indeed, we have the choice between a 12 month release cycle we *know*
we won't respect and a 18-month release cycle we might have a chance
to respect....if a general "mind freeze" begins in about 12 months
(what I call a "mind freeze" is what we have since early August 2004
when the freeze of the base system was announced).

A key point is certainly building up a release schedule ASAP so that
all individual maintainers can establish their own schedules for their
packages. For instance, it will certainly have a great influence on
the d-i team projects for the installer.

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