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Re: Please let oregano into testing again

On Monday 30 May 2005 07:43, you wrote:
> Let me try to make my strongest position:
>  Shipping any application in sarge based on cairo 0.4.0 API is a mistake

libcairo1 was practically stable until the upload of the 0.4.0 version. Which 
has API and ABI changes with the same soname.

> I expect Oregano will have to shortly have to make this step, leaving
> the current Oregano's cairo support behind unless somebody in debian
> keeps it alive.

With a very short notice, the oregano upstream developers could track and fix 
the problems with libcairo 0.1.0->0.4.0, also if a security bug arises they 
would also help fixing it.

> So shipping with cairo+oregano as is going with something we *already
> know* is obsolete and will be rather quickly getting unmaintainable
> except by DDs taking on the code.

Shipping something that is not the *latest* (0.4.0 versus 0.5.0) is part of 
what making an stable release means. I know that this library has already 
been replaced, but so will many others be in the near future.

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