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Please accept llvm 1.4-4 into sarge

I know you're getting a lot requests, and I really don't want
to add too much to the workload, but if you would please consider
accepting LLVM 1.4-4 into sarge, I would greatly appreciate it.

LLVM 1.4-3 fixed two RC bugs:

   -- #304035: a naming conflict with the 'extract' package

   -- #308694: missing depends information was added

LLVM 1.4-4, which was uploaded last night, corrected #310933 (which
was pilot error on my part, unfortunately), and improved on the
solution to #308694 (pbuilder is now my friend :).

Thank you in advance for your time and effort.

Al Stone                                      Alter Ego:
Open Source and Linux R&D                     Debian Developer
Hewlett-Packard Company                       http://www.debian.org
E-mail: ahs3@fc.hp.com                        ahs3@debian.org

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