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Re: GKrellM bugs #309089, #310471


Philipp Hartmann wrote:
The recent NMU of Samuel (see #309089) to link GKrellM against GNUTLS
introduced a bug (#310471), for which I already filed a patch.

Since the GKrellM package version 2.2.5-1.2 is now hinted into Sarge, I
would like to know how this should be handled.

The crashes will render the package unusable for all user that check
more than one SSL enabled mailbox with GKrellM. I think, there are many
of them out there, including me ;-)

So IMHO, the version 2.2.5-1.2 should definitely NOT go into the
release. But I don't feel authorised to raise the severity of bug
#310471, since the package is not completely unusable.

Due to the hint, the package goes to testing tomorrow.
Therefore, I send you this mail.

What do you think?

Thanks for noticing and fixing this so fast (I made some tests but I did not think of thread-safeness issues...). I also think that it should be corrected before entering sarge (though strictly speaking I also don't think it's a RC bug).

I can have an NMU ready with your updated patch quite soon. Debian-release, what do you think? Should I upload it as soon as possible (i.e. before it enters sarge)? I'll do so in a few hours unless someone objects to it in the meantime.



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