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Re: Upgrading to postgresql bug fix release 7.4.8

Hi again!

Martin Pitt [2005-05-14 16:53 +0200]:
> I now uploaded 7.4.8-1 into Sid, with the new upstream bugfix
> microrelease and some important (as well as trivial) Debian bug fixes:

Bah, I hate it. The upload was rejected:

  "Rejected: libpq3_7.4.8-1_i386.deb file already exists in the New directory."

Obviously because I uploaded postgresql-7.4 1:7.4.8-1 (mind the epoch)
to experimental before which is stuck in NEW. So it seems that 7.4.8-1
won't hit Sid until the experimental package is cleared from NEW.

Just to let you know what happens...


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