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Re: proposed fix to allow security support for fai-kernels in sarge (#297811)

Hi Joey,

On Tuesday 05 April 2005 18:26, Martin Schulze wrote:
> > Howto handle security fixes for fai-kernels
> > -------------------------------------------
> >
> > fai-kernels uses the kernel-source-2.4.27 and kernel-source-2.6.8
> > packages. If these packages get updated with a security fix, fai-kernels
> > needs to be rebuild.

As just said in the other mail, this is not true anymore, fai-kernels now 
build-depends on the latest kernel-tree packages.

> > The kernel-image-debs which are included in the fai-kernel package
> > contain the kernel abi version in the included packages name. If the abi
> > version changes, those abi version number has to be incremented in fai
> > kernels control file as well.
> Oh great, so we need to consider FAI as another architecture.  

Another arch because it's another kernel package to watch for ? (I would just 
like to understand that sentence :)

> Since there 
> are only two base source packages left over (many thanks to the kernel
> team), this should be doable.


So, AFAIU, the proposed fixes for #297811 are accepted by the stable security 


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