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Re: Please prepare for a request to hint shadow

Quoting Christian Perrier (bubulle@debian.org):

> This means that chpasswd in passwd 4.0.3-30.6 does NOT seem to break
> base-config.
> Proving this on a fresh d-i install will be better...I'm working on
> it.

I did the test and hereby I confirm that shadow 4.0.3-30.6 and the
more recent 4.0.3-30.7 do *not* break d-i.....

Thus, I think that 4.0.3-30.7 can be safely hinted for sarge.

(the 4.0.3-30.7 update just added a conflict for login, which was
forgotten in 4.0.3-30.6 and is aimed at woody->sarge upgrades....)

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