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Please prepare for a request to hint shadow

shadow 4.0.3-30.5 just hit sid yesterday.

As usual, this is a NMU by myself, as Karl Ramm, the maintainer is
very discreet since the last 6 months (indeed, my last exchanges with
him were after Debconf) and Sam Hartman, his co-maintainer indicated
he has no real intent of maintaining this package more than currently
(where he gives valuable input when the situation requires it).

Contrary to other 4.0.3-30.x NMU's that one is not only a translation

Two other changes happened:

-A conflicts with manpages-pl (<=20020406) has been added for closing
 #284239 which was RC (broke woody->sarge upgrades if manpages-pl was

-The chpasswd code was changed to allow MD5 encoding of generated
 passwords. chpasswd is a utility for changing user passwords in batch
 mode, from an input file with clear text or encrypted passwords
 In former versions, chpasswd could only generate DES-encrypted
 passwords which could confuse users with MD5 ncryption for passwords

 The code for adding this was contirbuted by Ian Gulliver and reviewed
 both by upstream and Sam Hartman

 The security team was kept informed of the issue even if this is not
 considered as a security issue, strictly speaking

This code change triggered a few changes to the chpasswd man page as well.

NO OTHER program in shadow was changed, particularly login, passwd, su
and others.

The Romanian translation was added, a few typos in the man pages were
corrected and the French translation of the man pages was added.

Condidering all this and provided that no RC bug is raised in the next
10 days, I think the package may be hinted for sarge.

I intentionnally made this request quite early for giving our beloved
Release Team some time to process it...:-)


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