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Pushing (frozen) ifupdown (0.6.4-4.10) into sarge?

Ifupdown latest version (0.6.4-4.10) has been out for quite a while (since
August) and if includes: translation fixes (#248717, #249233, #247772),
documentation fixes (including #259609, #247772, #255218 ) and normal bug
fixes (#250713, #245067, #242607, #255228, #121755, #258965, #255574,
#242537, #242527 some of which have bitten new installations) and only a
new feature [1] (--exclude) intented to help fix #254705, #256680 and
#208700 in netbase (quite an easy fix, BTW).

I know this package has been frozen but, since this package has been widely
tested, and there are no RC bugs, could it be considered a candidate for
moving into sarge? 

If this could be done then a new netbase version (4.20?) could be uploaded
to the archive to fix the 'deconfiguring 'lo' on shutdown' issues so that
this issue is removed from new installations of sarge... With the new
ifupdown version, the fix to the issues above is really simple and implies
just a line change in netbase's networking script. Actually, this fix has 
been tested by a number of people and could be considered quite safe too.



[1] Some other major features and bug fixes intended for ifupdown have been
moved to the experimental version (0.6.4-4.11exp1)

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