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Re: Obsolete binaries

Santiago Vila wrote:
> I see that the gambas package is in your list, why do you want to remove it?

I don't want to remove gambas. The word 'it' refers to the obsolete binary.

Until rene is run, britney will think gambas needs gambas-gb-qt-kde and gambas-gb-qt-kde-html built and will not let it into testing until they are. See the i386 line:

* gambas is not yet built on i386: 0.99-1 vs 0.99+1.0RC2-1 (missing 2 binaries: gambas-gb-qt-kde, gambas-gb-qt-kde-html)

Since those binary packages are obsoleted (no longer listed in the gambas .dsc file), they will never be built and gambas will never go into testing. Hence the message.

sidplay-libs is an example of a case where this issue is the only thing keeping the package out of testing.

As for the "ftpmaster needs to" message, the idea is to answer the anticipated followup question "how can this be fixed?" It is not intended to be provocative.


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