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Re: Obsolete binaries

Santiago Vila wrote:
On Sun, 19 Dec 2004, Björn Stenberg wrote:
I see that the gambas package is in your list, why do you want to remove it?
I think it would be better not to draw conclusions ("ftpmaster needs").

Drawing conclusions isn't so bad, but that one's not quite helpful -- you've done all the work, but it all has to be done again in order to actually follow through on the recommendation. There's nothing wrong with that, but it's less helpful than it could be.

Running it through "| sort -u" would be a good start.

Looking at the other page that does something similar (based on ftp.d.o bugs) that someone on this list should know the url for, and merging the two would be good too.

(Actually, these comments mostly apply to the other list -- rene doesn't actually remove packages, just provides a suggestion of which packages to remove. ie, the same thing this webpage does, but better.)

Hrm, maybe a better idea would be to have the rene suggestions be more accessible, with a view to random folks moving things from the dubious sections to the easy sections. Really, writing rene checks would probably be a better use of time anyway. Hrm. Try


for the moment. It might start getting updated, or might disappear, we'll see. If you want to do recommendations for ftpmaster, saying "rene NBS" when there's a line in rene that covers everything that needs to be done would be workable.

And could we please start getting these obscure pages moved onto release.debian.org or at least *.debian.net? Or at least start linking to them?


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