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Re: section and priority of dummy packages

Steve Langasek wrote:
On Thu, Dec 16, 2004 at 02:37:26AM +0100, Santiago Vila wrote:
While we are at it: do the release managers have the power to change
priorities and sections, or would this have to be sorted out via bugs
against ftp.debian.org?

Power, no. Authority? Potentially.

It has to go through the ftp-masters.

Release munging has to go through the ftp-masters too; Joey's stable changes get made manually, Steve's and Colin's testing changes get made automatically via britney. Priority/section changes currently require manual verification and application; having change recommendations that don't require verification would be the first step, at which point we could think about scripting it so the "through ftpmaster" step becomes somewhat irrelevant.

I'm not sure what "doesn't require verification" would look like for sections and priorities. For comparison, for "Tasks:" it's "joeyh thinks they're reasonable", for testing it's "release manager things they're reasonable, and the changes are from the limited set that britney supports".

Someone (jvw?) has been poking at making the ftp.debian.org REMOVE bugs move along the scale too, though they're not quite there yet.


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