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section and priority of dummy packages

[ moving to -release ]

On Thu, 16 Dec 2004, Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña wrote:

> After reading a point made by Steve Langasek in debian-release [1] I was 
> wondering if it would be appropiate to list of things 'TODO' after an 
> upgrade, specially:
> "
> - Remove dummy packages, you don't need them any longer. For a full list, 
> check the Appendix.
> - Check if you have other packages you don't need using the 'deborphan' 
> tool.

I think an appendix for dummy packages would be a waste of space.

Is there a special reason why we can't put all dummy packages in the
oldlibs section to begin with, so that they are listed by deborphan

Also, is there a special reason why we can't make all dummy packages
of extra priority? "Optional an above" is what you would install if
you wanted to install "everything", but if you wanted to install
"everything" (from scratch) you would not install dummy packages.

While we are at it: do the release managers have the power to change
priorities and sections, or would this have to be sorted out via bugs
against ftp.debian.org?

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