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Please allow flex into testing


        Flex had a fail to build from source bug. The cause was a time
 skew issue: there have been changes to a lex source file, and the
 resulting .c file in the diff.gz, which meant that flex build tried
 to call flex to regenerate the .c file, depending on the timestamp on
 the patches files.

	This was fixed on nov 12, indeed, there have been a number of
 revisions in unstable, all of them being viable candidates for
flex (2.5.31-28) Fri, 12 Nov 2004 21:28:58 -0600

 - Fixed the FTBS bug by using a circular build depends on  itself.
 - fixed XSI:ism `-o' in debian-scripts (replace test foo -o bar by
   test foo || test bar
 - In texinfo, fix typo `}' instead of `{'
 - Added New Dutch po-debconf translation
      (Closes: #256532, #261478, #267496, #263726)

flex (2.5.31-29) 17 Nov 2004 17:42:16 -0600
 - revert circular dependency; instead using touch if the scan.l file
   has not been modified and appears newer.

flex (2.5.31-30) 26 Nov 2004 21:22:59 -0600
  - Only run make check if not cross compiling. Also, do not remake
    man pages using help2man unless we are in maintainer mode. This is
    a couple of lines fixed, and does not actually touch any code --
    just build instructions -- and allows for cross building (Closes: #283075)

flex (2.5.31-31) 2 Dec 2004 13:17:03 -0600
  - Added yet another new dutch program translation         (Closes: #283979)

	As you can see, there has been a month since the last
 substantive change to the package was made, namely the final
 fix to the FTBS, and 3 weeks since the build mechanism was tweaked,
 and 12 days since the last upload.  I've waited for any new bugs to
 be reported, but so far things seem to be fine.

	It has successfully built on all architectures.

	Please allow this to enter sarge, since the version in sarge
 does have a valid FTBS bug.

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