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Re: Bug#279472: full transition to libcurl3

On Thu, Dec 09, 2004 at 01:15:02PM +0000, Stephen Stafford wrote:
> Domenico Andreoli wrote:
> |
> | i'd like to drop compatibility packages libcurl2 and libcurl2-dev
> | from curl. they are provided at expense of tricky and error prone
> | patch applied to the latest curl versions which do not provide this
> | older ABI.  making modifications to curl source code is rather awkward
> | if performed by unaware people (i am usually victim of my own trap),
> | so this is something i'd like to eject from the package.
> |
> | transition to libcurl3 started months ago and many packages (i think the
> | most important ones i.e. openoffice and php4) has been already updated.
> I received a "minor" bug about a month ago (November 3rd to be exact)
> from Matthias Klose (libcurl comaintainer I think) saying there was a
> new libcurl.  I didn't realise that it was something that was urgent.

it *is* not urgent but IMHO it is better to handle before sarge.

> Given that I'd already had to make two uploads for an unannounced
> libcurl soname change and an unannounced soname change *back* I was wary
> of the transition.  I was holding off on it as release seemed imminent
> (it's seemed imminent for months now of course... :)

i suppose you are talking about the 7.12.0.is.7.11.2-1 mess. it was a
mistake of mine. now libcurl3 is clearly in place and working.

> |   apt-spy          (#279472)
> Done and uploaded.

many thanks :)

> | as soon as i upload the new curl package without libcurl2* all these
> | will immediately be RC bugs.
> I still question whether today (closer to release than we were a few
> months ago) is the right time to do this....

i agree, it doesn't look the right time. it neither looked the right
time few months ago. anyway time passed and most of this transition has
been already achieved, these should be the last packages. it shouldn't
be too difficult to definitively get rid of libcurl2.

> | please let me know your thoughts about it, i'm waiting your clearance
> | to proceed.
> Ah what the hell, proceed anyway....not like a few pissed maintainers is
> anything to worry about, eh?

i'm sorry, i did not want to piss maintaners. that's why i CCed all the
open bugs report.

> As an aside: You didn't bother to CC the bug control bot, so none of
> those severity bumps you tried for actually happened.

ah! i completely missed the thing. thank you :)

> Cheers,
> Stephen


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