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Re: Bug#279472: full transition to libcurl3

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Domenico Andreoli wrote:

| hi,
| i'd like to drop compatibility packages libcurl2 and libcurl2-dev
| from curl. they are provided at expense of tricky and error prone
| patch applied to the latest curl versions which do not provide this
| older ABI.  making modifications to curl source code is rather awkward
| if performed by unaware people (i am usually victim of my own trap),
| so this is something i'd like to eject from the package.
| transition to libcurl3 started months ago and many packages (i think the
| most important ones i.e. openoffice and php4) has been already updated.

I received a "minor" bug about a month ago (November 3rd to be exact)
from Matthias Klose (libcurl comaintainer I think) saying there was a
new libcurl.  I didn't realise that it was something that was urgent.
Given that I'd already had to make two uploads for an unannounced
libcurl soname change and an unannounced soname change *back* I was wary
of the transition.  I was holding off on it as release seemed imminent
(it's seemed imminent for months now of course... :)

|   apt-spy          (#279472)

Done and uploaded.

| as soon as i upload the new curl package without libcurl2* all these
| will immediately be RC bugs.

I still question whether today (closer to release than we were a few
months ago) is the right time to do this....

| please let me know your thoughts about it, i'm waiting your clearance
| to proceed.

Ah what the hell, proceed anyway....not like a few pissed maintainers is
anything to worry about, eh?

As an aside: You didn't bother to CC the bug control bot, so none of
those severity bumps you tried for actually happened.

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