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full transition to libcurl3


i'd like to drop compatibility packages libcurl2 and libcurl2-dev
from curl. they are provided at expense of tricky and error prone
patch applied to the latest curl versions which do not provide this
older ABI.  making modifications to curl source code is rather awkward
if performed by unaware people (i am usually victim of my own trap),
so this is something i'd like to eject from the package.

transition to libcurl3 started months ago and many packages (i think the
most important ones i.e. openoffice and php4) has been already updated.

some "minor" ones still need some work. they are (at least):

  amule            (#279473)
  apt-spy          (#279472)
  drivel           (#279467)
  freeswan         (#279466)
  libwww-curl-perl (#279459)
  sword            (#279460)
  vorbis-tools     (#260207, #262777, #279453)
  wmget            (#279454)

(i've marked packages having wishlist bug reports asking for libcurl3-dev)

freeswan already has 3 RC bugs and needs to be worked on, so rebuilding
it with libcurl3-dev should not be a great problem. all the other
packages have their latest version in testing, something that makes
this change a safer and easier task.

as soon as i upload the new curl package without libcurl2* all these
will immediately be RC bugs.

i would take care of correct bug reporting and delayed NMUs in case
maintainer did not upload fixed packages within a week or so.

please consider that curl & libcurl3 have been in testing for some time
and do not look having any severe bug.

given these considerations i do not consider this transition particularly
risky or critical for the release schedule.

please let me know your thoughts about it, i'm waiting your clearance
to proceed.

best regards

-----[ Domenico Andreoli, aka cavok
 --[ http://people.debian.org/~cavok/gpgkey.asc
   ---[ 3A0F 2F80 F79C 678A 8936  4FEE 0677 9033 A20E BC50

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