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Re: wmaker, wsound* and libdockapp.

Andreas Metzler wrote:


> However wsoundprefs depends on wsoundserver (which contains
> libwsound.so.1) and the maintainer of wsoundserver chose to not only
> switch to librwaster3 in 0.4.0-18 (or -19). Instead he uploaded a new
> version of libdockapp (bumped soname libdockapp2) at the same time,
> linked wsoundserver against it and made wsoundserver build-depend on it.
> libdockapp2 is waiting in queue/NEW for about a week.

Yes, I recently discovered that libdockapp is no longer unmaintained
upstream, and a new version was released quite some time ago (last year!),
which solves a lot of weirdness that I had hackishly fixed in our version.

> I do not know what the best course of action is, there are 3
> alternatives afaict:
> 1) tempoarily remove wsoundserver and wsoundprefs from sarge to let
> wmaker in.
> 2) Quickly upload a new version of wsoundserver linking against
> libdockapp1.
> 3) Wait until libdockapp2 is accepted, convert the two other packages
> depending on it (wmusic and wmacpi) and when all nine packages together
> are ready they can go into sarge.
> Steve Langasek has stated that 1) will not be implemented without the
> maintainers' consent, and 2) can easily fail, if a libdockapp2 is
> accepted before all buildds have built the reveted version of
> wsoundserver. 3 has the unknown quantities of waiting-time and possible
> new bugs in libdockapp2.

My preference is, in order, 3 and 1, depending on how long it will take for
libdockapp2 to both hit the archive and hit sarge, assuming there's enough
time for that after the former. If it looks like there won't be time,
temporarily pulling wsound* is acceptable.

As for new bugs, having looked over its source, the only thing I've noticed
that could bite would be upstream's switch to using a macro instead of a
function for DAInitialize(). I don't know whether or not wmusic or wmacpi
search for that function in their configure scripts, if indeed they use

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