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wmaker, wsound* and libdockapp.

I was checking up on wmaker's status re sarge migration, and while I was
at it, chose to mail it here.

The new wmaker brings a new libwraster, libwraster3 instead of
libwraster2. That in itself would be easily doable in short time, as
there are only 4 other packages linking[1] against it (wdm, wmakerconf,
wmweather+, wsoundprefs) which needed to be ready at the sime time.

However wsoundprefs depends on wsoundserver (which contains
libwsound.so.1) and the maintainer of wsoundserver chose to not only
switch to librwaster3 in 0.4.0-18 (or -19). Instead he uploaded a new
version of libdockapp (bumped soname libdockapp2) at the same time,
linked wsoundserver against it and made wsoundserver build-depend on it.
libdockapp2 is waiting in queue/NEW for about a week.

I do not know what the best course of action is, there are 3
alternatives afaict:
1) tempoarily remove wsoundserver and wsoundprefs from sarge to let
wmaker in.
2) Quickly upload a new version of wsoundserver linking against
3) Wait until libdockapp2 is accepted, convert the two other packages
depending on it (wmusic and wmacpi) and when all nine packages together
are ready they can go into sarge.

Steve Langasek has stated that 1) will not be implemented without the
maintainers' consent, and 2) can easily fail, if a libdockapp2 is
accepted before all buildds have built the reveted version of
wsoundserver. 3 has the unknown quantities of waiting-time and possible
new bugs in libdockapp2.
               cu andreas
[1] There are some more build-depending on it, but all except of
fsviewer which is not in sarge anyway have already switched.

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