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Re: wmaker, wsound* and libdockapp.

Romain Francoise wrote:

> Do we really want the new wmaker in sarge?  It's the result of several
> months of upstream development and it's apparently a bit rough around
> the edges, and it's even unusable for me because of bug #283240.  This
> is by no means a critical bug by Debian standards but as a mere user I
> would prefer sarge to ship with version 0.80.

As maintainer (currently also upstream) of wmakerconf, I second this
opinion.  It looks like wmaker 0.90 has switched to UTF-8, but
wmakerconf (being based on GTK+ 1.2) has not yet, leading to bugs like
#282807.  I'm trying to port wmakerconf to GTK+ 2.x but there are some
weird problems that will take a little while to solve, and I won't have
much free programming time before Christmas.

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