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Re: Upload of GNOME 2.8 to unstable

Steve Langasek wrote:
For the benefit of those following the discussion who haven't already heard
via IRC or otherwise,

Thanks for that.

Second, KDE in unstable is not a good model to follow.  Between longstanding
FTBFS bugs that ensured KDE 3.3 could not migrate to testing regardless of
release policy, and the lack of testing autobuilders ensuring that no RC
bugfixes make it to testing either, the upload of kdelibs 3.3 to unstable
increased workload for both the KDE maintainers and the release team.  Any
proposal for GNOME 2.8 in sarge will fare much better if judged on its own
merits instead of pointing to KDE 3.3 for precedent.

If this is an answer to my previous mail, two comments :
- My point on kde was more "political" that techniwal (or personnal wishes). If gnome-2.8 hit sarge people _will_ want kde-3.3 in too (pressure, flamware. I guest you guys know the drill.
- Good to see that the choice are done on technical quality/sanity.



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