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RC policy - editorial clarifications?


there are AFAICS three topics where there was/is some discussion whether
they are really RC or not, and where IMHO an editorial clarification
would be good (in whichever direction the clarification is).

+ the already discussed topic of recommends (IMHO yes, as main should be
  a closure, and broken recommends break that; although I tend to
  sarge-ignore if there is no other clean solution, as all-packages
  don't support something like foo[i386] in their recommends line);
+ does sarge needs to be rebuildable in sarge (see bug 273048 for
  discussion about that; I think that also this is RC, because otherwise
  security updates could become quite hard);
+ is it ok if a source package in main build packages in main and
  contrib? I think this is not allowed (but I'm not so convinced here,
  perhaps this is sarge-ignore), but there was some discussion on IRC
  whether this is actually covered by #4 of our RC-policy or not.

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