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Re: Upload question


 Warning: I am not a DD yet thus I am speaking on my own behalf only.

* Stephen Gran <sgran@debian.org> [2004-08-28 13:12:11 -0400]:

> I need to upload to testing-proposed-updates, rahter than sid,
> and then also upload a regular package to sid, so that sid users also
> see the update.  Is this correct, or am I missing something?
 You don't have to upload the package for Sid, but you must be sure that
the t-p-u upload has a _smaller_ version number than Sid has ATM.

> Also, is this even worth it?  I tend to think yes - I think that the
> translation effort is important,
 I agree.

> but I hate to upload a muli-binary
> package for 2 translation fixups when the autobuilders are already
> swamped.  If people feel that it is not worth it, please let me know,a
> and I'll hold off.
 IMHO you should wait: maybe you get more translations etc, and I think
you can upload a package with such small changes to t-p-u after the full
freeze, it will be allowed to Sarge.


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