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Gnome 2.6 in unstable should be ok now ...


After a week of hard work we have made a lot of progress, so I hope this
time it'll be ok for release time :

* Architectures :

We have full builds on these 10 architectures :

- alpha
- arm
- hppa
- i386
- ia64
- mips
- mipsel
- powerpc
- sparc  (on http://people.debian.org/~phython/)

- amd64

The m68k build is in progress (gtk+2.0 and a part of gnome2.6 have been

The only architecture missing is s390. I've mailed
debian-s390@lists.debian.org to ask for help but no reply at all (nobody
to make builds, no access offer to a s390 box).

* Unstable package with gtk+2.4

We have rebuilt all the unstable packages with gtk+2.4. We have about 30
FTBFS due to gtk+2.4 (mainly minor apps). We have reported all the bugs
and most of them are "+ patch". 

Not sure of the best option here. I think we should upload gtk+2.4, bump
the severity of these bugs to serious and wait a week or so before
NMUing them if necessary.

* gnutls 7->10 transition

The transition has been made in experimental for cups, gnome and related
Chris Cheney is ready to upload a kdelibs4/gnutls10 to unstable, samba
maintainers to upload samba/gnutls10 and we handle all the gnome related

* tests

Some upgrade tests from "gnome 2.4.1 sarge" to "gnome 2.6 experimental"
have been successfully made. Upgrades from unstable to experimental have
been tested too with success.

Is there anything else expected from the release team for Gnome2.6
before the upload to unstable or are we ok now ? 

Sebastien Bacher,
for the GNOME Team

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