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reducing the number of kernels in testing


after some discussions I tried to find out which architectures have
duplicate kernels in testing, and which of thems are removable. The
current result is a script on merkel:~aba/point-kernels /
merkel:~aba/exec-k-p that takes a look at the database and tells which
kernels could perhaps be removed.

It does not suggest any removal if there is a kernel-image-.*-di of
this version number and architecture, but issues instead that it's
ignoring this kernel if it could otherwise be removed. Please note
that there are sometimes more than one d-i-kernel of some
architecture, so that reducing their number would be also a good idea.
The script does however _not_ look if the suggested removal would be a
problem for installation of the current base-installer. Another
(however currently minor issue) is that it should also look into
unstable to see which kernels should not go anymore into testing,
because something newer is also there.

And, as this script is quite new, it could of course have any number
of bugs.

The current output of ~aba/exec-p-k kernel-image-2.4. is:
remove kernel-image-2.4.21-s390/2.4.21-2
# ignore d-i kernel-image-2.4.25-alpha/2.4.25-3
# ignore d-i kernel-image-2.4.25-amiga/2.4.25-1
# ignore version kernel-image-2.4.25-arm/2.4.25-4 (2.4.25-4)
# ignore d-i kernel-image-2.4.25-atari/2.4.25-1
# ignore d-i kernel-image-2.4.25-bvme6000/2.4.25-1
# ignore d-i kernel-image-2.4.25-hppa/2.4.25-3
# ignore d-i kernel-image-2.4.25-i386/2.4.25-3
# ignore version kernel-image-2.4.25-ia64/2.4.25-6 (2.4.25-6)
# ignore d-i kernel-image-2.4.25-mac/2.4.25-1
# ignore d-i kernel-image-2.4.25-mvme147/2.4.25-1
# ignore d-i kernel-image-2.4.25-mvme16x/2.4.25-1
# ignore d-i kernel-image-2.4.25-s390/2.4.25-2
# ignore version kernel-image-2.4.26-alpha/2.4.26-2 (2.4.26-2)
# ignore version kernel-image-2.4.26-amiga/2.4.26-1 (2.4.26-1)
# ignore version kernel-image-2.4.26-atari/2.4.26-1 (2.4.26-1)
# ignore version kernel-image-2.4.26-bvme6000/2.4.26-1 (2.4.26-1)
# ignore version kernel-image-2.4.26-hppa/2.4.26-2 (2.4.26-2)
# ignore version kernel-image-2.4.26-i386/2.4.26-2 (2.4.26-2)
# ignore version kernel-image-2.4.26-mac/2.4.26-1 (2.4.26-1)
# ignore version kernel-image-2.4.26-mvme147/2.4.26-1 (2.4.26-1)
# ignore version kernel-image-2.4.26-mvme16x/2.4.26-1 (2.4.26-1)
# ignore version kernel-image-2.4.26-s390/2.4.26-1 (2.4.26-1)
# ignore version kernel-image-sparc-2.4/37 (37)
# ignore version kernel-image-speakup-i386/2.4.24-1 (2.4.24-1)
remove kernel-patch-2.4.19-mips/2.4.19-0.020911.8
remove kernel-patch-2.4.20-apus/2.4.20-1
remove kernel-patch-2.4.22-powerpc/2.4.22-13
# ignore version kernel-patch-2.4.25-apus/2.4.25-2 (2.4.25-2)
# ignore version kernel-patch-2.4.25-mips/2.4.25-0.040415.1 (2.4.25-0.040415.1)
# ignore version kernel-patch-2.4.25-powerpc/2.4.25-8 (2.4.25-8)
# ignore version xen/1.2-4 (1.2-4)

Any comments on this?

   PGP 1024/89FB5CE5  DC F1 85 6D A6 45 9C 0F  3B BE F1 D0 C5 D1 D9 0C

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