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Re: Update on "upload of GNOME 2.6 to unstable" status

Le lun, 17/05/2004 à 18:39 -0400, Joe Drew a écrit :

> It seems pretty simple to me. You're saying it's in a state such that it
> can replace gnome 2.4, which has already gone from unstable to testing.
> There is, however, no proof of that, and thus there's risk of something
> breaking.

Please read the end of my mail. I'm saying that we don't need to fix
gnome2.4 packages (they have not changed for weeks/months), so we can
put gnome2.6 in unstable, lock it by filling RC bugs on glib/gtk and see
if all go as fine as expected.

> The release team doesn't want breakage.

The Gnome Team neither.

> Thus, GNOME 2.6 needs to be in the same state GNOME 2.4 is currently
> in before it can replace GNOME 2.4.

We are not speaking about uploading in sarge directly ...


Sebastien Bacher

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