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Clearer hinting suggestions.

AJ, thanks for the pointer to http://ftp-master.debian.org/testing/hints/README; I'd never seen it before, because it isn't linked to by anything.

==? reassign bug 224599 (and mergee 224602) to nvidia-glx or something
These are known not to be bugs in the python-qt3 package. The maintainer is currently waiting for feedback from the submitter to figure out which package it needs to be reassigned to (probably nvidia-glx).
==> easy python-qt3/3.8-2.1 sip-qt3/3.8-2 qscintilla/1.2-3
This can be done after the reassignment.

==? Solve lm-sensors / i2c nightmare
Yeah, not really the problem of -release -- I sent a message to the maintainer and debian-devel about this after about six hours of working out what was wrong.

==? Ignore RC bugs for kdebase/4:3.1.4-1
Neither of the RC bugs are present in sid (only in woody); it seems to be a failing of the current 'testing' scripts that they don't recognize this, given that both bugs are tagged 'woody'.

==> hint libdumbnet/1.7-3 libevent/0.7b-1
The two libraries need to go in at once to let the dependencies go in. Which are: farpd trickle stegdetect honeyd fragroute labrea.

(honeyd appears to have some build problems on arm and sparc -- apart from those architectures being ignored right now, the problems look like the fault of automake and/or libtool, so it's likely to clear up on its own anyway. The others are all happy and have been waiting way too long.)

==> remove xawtv/3.72
xawtv is the only link between the 'jack-audio-connection-kit' stuff and the below packages. Breaking the link is likely desirable. The new xawtv will then go in with the 'jack-audio-connection-kit' stuff.
==> hint libpcd/1.0.1 openmotif/2.2.2-6
Immediately after the removal of xawtv.  Should let in fbi and ida as well.

==> easy gnome-ruby/0.34-1 tictactoe/0.8-3 rsjog/1.1-2.1
rsjog has only waited 8 out of its 10 days; the other two are the usual library dependency thing.

==? Fix 225190 (apparently simple dependency bug in illuminator)
==> easy petsc/2.1.6-2 illuminator/(new version)
(Once the illuminator bug is fixed)

==> force chasen
Chasen has two alternative dependencies: one is the non-free and not-compiled-everywhere ipdadic -- but the other is the perfectly free, compiled-everywhere, and present in 'testing', chasen-cannadic. So why isn't chasen being allowed in? (Hmm. The non-free dependency should come second rather than first, I guess -- perhaps a bug report worth filing?)

==> remove encompass/
Encompass depends on a huge mess of GNOME packages which will presumably get fixed eventually (although they seem to keep popping new bugs up). However, it also singlehandedly keeps libelysium and neon out of testing (by depending on them), and they deserve to go in.
==? fix bug 224715 in gtkhtml3.0
==? fix bug 201000 in libgtkhtml3.0-2
==? rebuild it on all architectures
==? rebuild libbonoboui on mips, mipsel with newly fixed gcc
==? build libgnomeprint on m68k
==? after that, build libgnomeprintui on m68k
==? finally, rebuild encompass on m68k, mips, mipsel
==? then do some as-yet-unclear hinting to get libelysium and neon in together with the gnome packages

==> remove libgtkada/1.2.12-8
This is libgtkada1, which is orphaned and dead upstream; now there is libgtkada2. If it is to be kept it would need to be recompiled with new gnat (bug 225060), but nobody seems to care enough to even do that, and even the bug reporter suggested removing it.
==> hint gnat/3.15p-4
(After libgtkada is removed and some waiting periods have passed.)

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