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Re: Clearer hinting suggestions.

On Wed, Dec 31, 2003 at 02:01:34AM -0500, Nathanael Nerode wrote:

Some comments:

> ==? Ignore RC bugs for kdebase/4:3.1.4-1
> Neither of the RC bugs are present in sid (only in woody); it seems to 
> be a failing of the current 'testing' scripts that they don't recognize 
> this, given that both bugs are tagged 'woody'.

Huh? The ones that matter are the kdm ones, which are tagged pending, not
woody. It's also not built everywhere, etc.

> ==> force chasen
> Chasen has two alternative dependencies: one is the non-free and 
> not-compiled-everywhere ipdadic -- but the other is the perfectly free, 
> compiled-everywhere, and present in 'testing', chasen-cannadic.  So why 
> isn't chasen being allowed in?  

I give up, why isn't it?

> (Hmm.  The non-free dependency should 
> come second rather than first, I guess -- perhaps a bug report worth 
> filing?)

The dependency order has no relevance to the testing scripts, and I
can't think of a case when it would be an RC bug.

> ==> remove libgtkada/1.2.12-8
> This is libgtkada1, which is orphaned and dead upstream; now there is
> libgtkada2.  If it is to be kept it would need to be recompiled with new
> gnat (bug 225060), but nobody seems to care enough to even do that, and
> even the bug reporter suggested removing it.

If it's not useful at all anymore, it should be dropped from unstable,
rather than just testing. If it's orphaned, any member of debian-qa (ie,
more or less any developer) can request its removal in the usual manner
(bug against ftp.d.o).


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