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Whee! And hinting suggestions

Woo-hoo; beautiful hinting.  :-)  Nice to see zlib in.

Looks like s390, arm, and sparc were put on the out-of-date architecture list, right?

Lots of stuff should start going in automatically, such as apache.

So, it's time to hint mozilla in together with its locale packages.
I have been so looking forward to a recent mozilla in sarge.  :-)

Looks like the jack chain still has to wait for various rebuilds, and at least one actual unsolved bug.
(Unless some packages are removed, or some are forced in.)

* fftw3 has a build failure on a platform (powerpc) which the maintainer doesn't have access to. freqtweak depends on it. (Could remove freqtweak, or force fftw in. Or someone with a powerpc who understands Fortran and Fourier transforms could fix it -- like that's likely.)
* pd-externals: FTBFS on hppa right now, almost (but not quite) fixed in
experimental.  See the bug.
* gem: Waiting for rebuilds against newer linux-kernel-headers on hppa and powerpc. (Could force it in.) * puredata: Waiting for build on m68k; now needs tk8.4 and tcl8.4 to wait 7 more days too. (Could let it and tk/tcl in anyway.)
* ecasound2.2: Waiting for build on m68k.  (Could let it in anyway.)
* wine: Not old enough.

Looks *pretty* good. I've nagged the maintainer of pd-externals and gem again. ;-) I have no idea how to solve the powerpc build failure for fftw3 (I have no powerpcs and don't know fortran), but it seems to be the main actual holdup at the moment.

Suggestion: Let qscintilla, sip-qt3, python-qt3 go in. The python-qt3 bugs are *not* bugs in python-qt3 but instead in a libGL.so provider such as nvidia-glx; they are still open against python-qt3 only because the maintainer is trying to find out *which* package they need to be reassigned to. :-/

ire, ire-rotj, and ire-the-flat need to be hinted in together.

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