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Packages to consider removing from testing

libcache-cache-perl: See bug 215107; the (new) maintainer apparently does not want it in testing until he fixes it. Yet it is already in testing....

kernel-image-2.4.18-i386bf: Boot-floppies kernel image. Boot-floppies won't be in sarge.

iraf: Three serious policy violations. (223543, 223532, 218793). Apparently, these are hard to fix. Meanwhile, maintainership is changing. Sure, these might be fixed before sarge releases, but it can always go back into 'testing' then. :-)

netsaint-nrpe: Doesn't work with nagios (new netsaint) and old netsaint has been removed from unstable (as of October). If it gets fixed to work with nagios, it can always go back in.

netsaint-plugins: Four RC bugs: two FTBFS, one post-installation script failure, netsaint-plugins-ldap can't connect to slapd 2.1. Oh, yeah, and the newest of these bugs is from June. The maintainer is very busy (has way too many packages), but this is still not OK for release.
Again, if it gets fixed, it can always go back in.

orp: Crashes on startup (!) and doesn't compile with current glibc (!).
Bugs from January and March. Oh, and it's got older (non-RC) bugs too. Definitely not releasable material.

rocks-n-diamonds: Copyright problems. Didn't I mention this one before? Current version may not be distributable, so definitely shouldn't be released.

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