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Re: Whee! And hinting suggestions

On Sat, Dec 27, 2003 at 03:48:23AM -0500, Nathanael Nerode wrote:
> So, it's time to hint mozilla in together with its locale packages.
> I have been so looking forward to a recent mozilla in sarge.  :-)


I'm finding it difficult to follow quite what you're saying; would
you mind considering reformatting your mails so your suggestions are
more obvious?  eg by writing them as:

] ==> remove orp-classpath/1:0.02.1-3
] Not updated since stable, depends on orp which is trying to be removed.

ie, a highlighted line appropriate for a hints file, followed by the
justification for that hint. For details, see:


For things that aren't ready now, something like:

] ==? Fix Bug#123456
] ==? Rebuild jack-foo, jack-bar, jack-baz
] ==> hint jack/1.2.3-4
] The jack change can go in after some rebuilds, and some bug is fixed.

> * fftw3 has a build failure on a platform (powerpc) which the maintainer 
> doesn't have access to.  freqtweak depends on it.  (Could remove 
> freqtweak, or force fftw in.  Or someone with a powerpc who understands 
> Fortran and Fourier transforms could fix it -- like that's likely.)

You'll generally find it's a lot more likely that the bug'll get fixed
if people try to fix it, than if people try to avoid having to.

> * wine: Not old enough.

I'm much happier being generous about the ones that aren't old enough
than the ones that are known to be buggy. At least that way there's a
good chance testing doesn't get buggy packages, whereas the other way
it's certain it will.

> Looks *pretty* good.  I've nagged the maintainer of pd-externals and gem 
> again.  ;-)  I have no idea how to solve the powerpc build failure for 
> fftw3 (I have no powerpcs and don't know fortran), but it seems to be 
> the main actual holdup at the moment.

Voltaire's a powerpc. Doesn't have fortran installed though, could do if
someone asks -admin though.


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