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Re: Status of mozilla packages for debian 3.1 release

Adrian Bunk wrote:

>Compilation problems usually don't show up on i386. The 68 kB patches in
>the Debian package contain e.g. fixes for compilation on alpha, arm,
>hppa and ia64.
>Does your original tarball compile and work on these architectures?

No but how many users? There are probably more people annoyed by bugs reported (ugly look with non default themes, CRT-ALT-C/* and Search) than people complaining of not having mozilla for 68K :-)

I've been hoping for the last 3 years to get a Mozilla that works properly
on arm. We're getting there slowly, but it's tricky, for a number of
reasons. (and yes it is slow on all but the fastest Arm boxes). I'm sure
there are lots more i386 users annoyed by the problems you report but I just
wanted to point out that there _are_ people who use Mozilla on the other
arches and you shouldn't just dismiss us with a numbers argument. The
multi-arch support is the main reason I joined Debian.

The purpose of my mail was absolutely not that. It was to make people aware of the current mozilla status on the x86 platforms and I continue to pretend it's state is no suitable for a release (at least for mail and news, but also very annoying for browsing big HTML pages). Then, during the discussion someone tried to justified the current mozilla status by:

	1) the need to support other arch
	2) the need of using gtk2

I just pointed out that the original source compiled from scratch with gtk1.2 do not exibit the bugs so that bugs have been added by maintainer either due to:
	1) changes in the source code
	2) compilation switches/options. GTK2 beeing included into this category...

I also pointed out that the maintainer was unresponsive (and still not responded to this thread allthough he has been CC'ed, and did not fix the bug either).

I've been using mozilla on High end PPC board on debian and was pleased to get it. So I perfectly understand you want it on ARM too... But I cannot accept justification for existing bugs that have been given so far. Do you care using GTK2 instead of GTK1.2? I do not care provided mozilla works :-)

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