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Re: Status of mozilla packages for debian 3.1 release

Eric Valette wrote:

But if this would be the problem, reverting the Debian package to Gtk 1 might cause serious problems in other packages like e.g. epiphany-browser.

Having mozilla packages almost unuseable for serious mail/news acitivity is *also* a serious problem : CTRL-ALT-*** not working and search/find not working for HTML pages is unacceptable... Again : how many people actually use the epiphany-browser?

Never mind, now
    1)You know there is a problem with the mozilla status

Still valid :-)

2) you can compile mozilla with my switches and gtk2 to see if the problem is indeed GTK2,

In order to help, I tried compiling myself using unpatched mozilla-1.5 sources : the problem are there so the bug is
	1) upstream
2) related to maintainer decision to use gtk2, when mozilla still recommand gtk1.2 3) not related to debian specific patches which is indeed a good news as we may expect some help from mozilla community,

I have filled relevant bug in mozilla's bugzilla. BTW : the bugs had never been reported before (as far as a search on gtk2 is relevant).

3) If effectively the problem is the useage of GTK2, then you have something to decide for the upcoming release,

Unless bug is fixed upstream, you now have two choices:
- debug yourself the mozilla/gtk2 bad interraction and hope you find the bug, and the patch will be integrated upstream. Good luck, I'm not gonna make it,
	- revert stndard build to use gtk1.2 again

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