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Re: Status of mozilla packages for debian 3.1 release

+++ Eric Valette [03-11-30 11:20 +0100]:
> Adrian Bunk wrote:

> >Compilation problems usually don't show up on i386. The 68 kB patches in
> >the Debian package contain e.g. fixes for compilation on alpha, arm,
> >hppa and ia64.
> >
> >Does your original tarball compile and work on these architectures?
> No but how many users? There are probably more people annoyed by bugs 
> reported (ugly look with non default themes, CRT-ALT-C/* and Search) 
> than people complaining of not having mozilla for 68K :-) 

I've been hoping for the last 3 years to get a Mozilla that works properly
on arm. We're getting there slowly, but it's tricky, for a number of
reasons. (and yes it is slow on all but the fastest Arm boxes). I'm sure
there are lots more i386 users annoyed by the problems you report but I just
wanted to point out that there _are_ people who use Mozilla on the other
arches and you shouldn't just dismiss us with a numbers argument. The
multi-arch support is the main reason I joined Debian.

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