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Re: Status of mozilla packages for debian 3.1 release

Eric Valette wrote:

This shows that very basic feature are not working with debian provided mozilla packages whereas they *do work* with the official mozilla binary and are therefore either due to maintainer changes (the uncompressed diff is about 3Mb in size which is not reasonable I think!!!) or to compiler bugs that should be reported upstream anyway. Possible Compiler bugs could be easilly eliminated by compiling the original code without patches with the default gcc.

Just for the sake of completeness, I downloaded the mozilla-1.5 original
tarball and used the following compilation options :

configure	--prefix=/usr/local/mozillaTry
		--enable-optimize='-O3 -march=athlon'

And as expected :
	1) XFT is worling correctly
	2) Compilation went with warning but finished without errors
	3) The CRT-ALT-C and Search '*' problem do not exist => those bug have
been *introduced* by the maintainer changes!!!

So comiling it myself give a better result than mozilla distributed
binaries but *ALSO* compared to debian packages.

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