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Status of mozilla packages for debian 3.1 release


I would like to make people on this list aware of some of the problems that I have with the *debian packaged* mozilla 1.5 version as I think, mozilla is an essential piece of desktop application.

I've been using mozilla for years (since M16) now but mainly used binaries supplied directly by mozilla organization because the debian provided mozilla was too outdated at the beginning.

Now, mozilla packages appear only a week after the code is officially released but unfortunately, the packaging, the bug handling are really inadequate and more important several bug severely impacting the usage have been introduced.

I) Bug Tracking System :

There are a *lot* of bugs open, that are several year old but that are *still valid* (E.g. CTRL-ALT-C does not mark all messages as read in mailnews). Has anybody tried to read a lot of newsgroup without this working? You have to go through message->mark>all read (BTW the menu still says the control sequence is CTRL-ALT-C). I submitted several bug recently but got no response. Most of the bug are in this case : no response at all. A few have been forwarded upstream but very little have been actually fixed.

II) Font size

The default UI font size has been modified compared to original mozilla based binary distribution. For High res screen (1400x1050 or 1600x1200) the change is fine but for 1200x1024 or less, it is more questionable. Besides, it has the very bad effect to make binary installed theme look rather ugly. I do not mind changing the *default* font size but I really think the default should be compatible with mozilla *official* binaries.

Changing this back to default is non obvious has you have to create userChrome.css in you own chrome directory and should be handled by installation process and reconfigurable...

III) newgroup Search

Each time you do a search, you need to reselect your search engine (google, dmoz, ...). In the official version you only set it once...

IV) Regular search

Try to serach for '*' in some page : it does not work.

This shows that very basic feature are not working with debian provided mozilla packages whereas they *do work* with the official mozilla binary and are therefore either due to maintainer changes (the uncompressed diff is about 3Mb in size which is not reasonable I think!!!) or to compiler bugs that should be reported upstream anyway. Possible Compiler bugs could be easilly eliminated by compiling the original code without patches with the default gcc. I do understand that debian could be as for X, the mozilla porting lab, but X do work as expected not mozilla.

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