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Re: Some observations regardig the progress towards Debian 3.1

Adrian wrote:
> Your proposal wouldn't have been able to shorten the move of KDE 3 into 
> testing by one single day.

Yes, my comment was misplaced wrt what you said, this problem still
has to be addressed.  My proposal, however, is more targetted to
packages which would build with, say, KDE2, but are held into unstable
because here they are build with KDE3.

KDE may not be a good example.  libgc is a much better example,
although the number of packages held here is quite low compared to

> testsuites must be written, and testsuites for GUI programs are even 
> more work.

Fortunately several of the packages we ship already have one.

And for the bunch of non-gui programs, we could surely add some
minimal testing, say to ensure it does not segfault on trivial use
cases.  Just like what we already do for manpages.

GUI programs are another story, but that's not a reason not to do it
for non-GUI ones.

> > > There might be new problems e.g. with inter-library dpendencies for 
> > > libraries without versioned symbols if your proposal would be 
> > > implemented.
> > 
> > Hm ?  I'm not sure I understand what the problem you mention is.
> An example:
> unstable:
> Package: libfoo0
> Depends: libbar1
> Package: mypackage
> Depends: libfoo0, libbar1
> testing:
> Package: libbar0


> IOW:
> The program in mypackage is in this situation linked with two different 
> so-versions of libbar at the same time.

That's a good point.  In my mind the libfoo0 package just rebuilt
would only show up in pre-testing.  We need to keep the original
package in unstable, while increasing its version at the same time.
That could be done either by a rebuild, or, less costly, by a simple

In that case, if we had libfoo0_1.0-1 in pre-testing, and
libfoo0_1.0-2 in unstable, we'd end up with libfoo0_1.0-2.0.1 in
pre-testing, and libfoo0_1.0-2.0.2 in unstable, whether the latter was
rebuilt or just repacked.

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