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for good measure...

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Hello again,

In recognition of recent events [0], here are a few more suggestions for
the release team:

Package: lincvs
Testing: 1.0.0-1
Unstable: 1.0.0-1
Bugs: 189152 198538
Suggestion: remove-from-testing
  Package orphaned five months ago, a couple of days later someone said
  they would take over, no sign of them since.  Package hasn't made the
  C++ transition and therefore FTBFS.  No point in releasing it until
  someone spends the time to fix it.

Package: magpie
Testing: 0.5.1-1
Unstable: 0.5.1-1
Bugs: 208947
Suggestion: remove-from-testing
  RC bug filed by maintainer, title says it all: "magpie not ready for
  stable, so keep it out".  Bug mentions numerous problems with the
  package and a planned rewrite.  Let's listen to the maintainer :)

Package: mp3asm (non-free)
Testing: 0.01-2
Unstable: 0.01-2
Bugs: 72756
Suggestion: remove-from-testing, remove-from-unstable
  This package is severely broken, to the point where ~99% of mp3 files
  given to it cause it to barf.  Bug has been open for almost 3 years with
  no response from the maintainer.  Last upload was about 2.5 years ago.
  It's non-free and there are plenty of other free alternatives, let's get
  rid of it!

Package: preferences
Testing: 1.2.99-0.1
Unstable: 1.2.99-0.1
Bugs: 194168 144942
Suggestion: remove-from-testing, orphan-package
  FTBFS bug open for > 3 months with no response from maintainer.  More
  disturbing however, is the important bug open for over a year entitled:
  "Kills X Server when it doesn't find a font cache".  Maintainer promised
  a new version over a year ago, and still waiting...  I will contact
  debian-qa to orphan the package.

Package: word2x
Testing: 1:0.005-4.1
Unstable: 1:0.005-4.2
Bugs: 105012 207908
Suggestion: remove-from-testing, orphan-package
  FTBFS bug open over 2 years, no response from the maintainer.  Last
  maintainer upload in April of 2001.  Lots of other bugs outstanding even
  if FTBFS is fixed.  This package needs a new home, debian-qa will be

Joe Nahmias, DD wannabe

 [0] http://lists.debian.org/debian-newmaint/2003/debian-newmaint-200309/msg00015.html
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