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Gforge needs a nudge

  Hi all,

After much wondering and wandering around looking for a proper
solution for my testing problem, I was directed here.  The problem is:
gforge won't enter testing, despite the following "excuse".
| Excuse for gforge
|     * 23 days old (needed 10 days)
|     * Valid candidate 

  Gforge consists of 12 binary packages, but all its external
dependencies are already satisfied in testing.

  I'm told some releasemaster or ftpmaster has to apply a good kick at
the appropriate place so that all 12 packages are pushed in at the
same time.  I'd be grateful if that could happen, since I could then
really start encouraging people to forget sourceforge and migrate to
gforge.  And eventually, either find an adopter for sourceforge or
remove it from Debian altogether, as mostly-unmaintained software with
a better equivalent.

Roland Mas

Just because you're dead doesn't mean they aren't still out to get you.
  -- Virgil, in Ye Gods! (Tom Holt)

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