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Re: Removal of qttudo

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On Friday 22 August 2003 19:15, Martin Schulze wrote:
> Are you trying to tell us that Joerg Bemme released qttudo under a
> non-free license?

Well, I was looking at various RC bugs while helping to find possible removal
candidates for the release goal in december. As I understand it, the version
already included in debian *is* free - telling from the copyright file, it
was (completely) under GPL.

However, when trying to download this program now, you have to fill out an
order form on the website (and you've got to pay 99,50 Euro). Otherwise you
won't get the source code. On the "News" page of the website, the author
states that from 30 Jul 2003 on, version 1.2 was available (including a
printed manual, installation support and further assistance). Meanwhile,
version 1.7 is out, and the rules are the same.

*If* you pay the fee, you will get the source code, and it is then under GPL.
You don't have to pay any licence fees, all updates are free of charge, and
you may modify the source in any way you like.

Honestly, I don't know if this really qualifies for GPL software or free
software in respect to debian's social contract. Maybe you know better about
this legal stuff? Or perhaps this should be taken to debian-legel?

BTW: I am subscribed to -release. Please don't CC me. Thanks.


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