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Re: Removal of qttudo

In article <E19quid-0001iE-00@smtp.web.de>, Tobias Toedter wrote:
> However, when trying to download this program now, you have to fill out an
> order form on the website (and you've got to pay 99,50 Euro). ...
> *If* you pay the fee, you will get the source code, and it is then under GPL.
> You don't have to pay any licence fees, all updates are free of charge, and
> you may modify the source in any way you like.
> Honestly, I don't know if this really qualifies for GPL software or free
> software in respect to debian's social contract. Maybe you know better about
> this legal stuff? Or perhaps this should be taken to debian-legel?

This all seems like no problem to me; the source is available under
the GPL, it's just that the author chooses to charge a fair bit of
money to give out the source.  However, once someone chooses to pay
the money, the source is released under the GPL and could be
redistributed as normal.  The only question is whether there is
someone willing to pay 100 Euros to have the current version of qttudo
in Debian.  If not, perhaps the package should be dropped.

	Dylan Thurston

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