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Re: Current 2.2r2 status

> [m68k] no 2.2.18 yet, maybe we will have a new set of 2.2.10 kernels, but
>        they should be tested a little by our users. We might build 2.2.16 or
>        17 kernels, but I think there is not enough time to test this.

2.2.16 is known to not boot on a variety of Macs, please stick with 2.2.10
or get the lame Mac crew to fix this. 
ETA for just testing 2.2.16 on Atari and (one) Mac: not under a week. 

>        2.2.10 should be ready tomorrow, Nick already built a kernel-patch,
>        but we will not upload this before its tested.

Is the atyfb code from Petr Stehlik in that patch? I know I promised to
take care of it but didn't get around to it yet, maybe Nick picked up the


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